I, Me, Myself

I dream of unknown lands, sea shores, chilly mountains and the long lone never ending roads which will take these dreams into reality, a beautiful wake up call that refresh you from within.

Hi readers/writers welcome to my blog. I am  Sudarshana an Indian blogger from the Southern State Kerala. Love reading, writing, cooking and travelling. Just started exploring places so waiting eagerly for more places to gulp. I enjoy viewing and experiencing everything with my own eyes than capturing everything in Camera. Its nice to capture moments but it won’t be as beautiful as memories I believe.

J.R.R. Tolkien, Vaikom Muhammed Basheer are my favourite authors. Wish to write like them, but I’ve recently started writing, let’s see yea? 😀

Food and travel are the love of my life (After my husband of course). Love to explore new regions local, national and international.  The known/ unknown lands , their culture ,cuisines everything excites me. I am here to let you experience what I have seen, felt, adored and kept close to my heart in travels, cuisines, nature and in cultures. Come and join me in my backpacking ventures.

Thank you, please do read my blogs and support 🙂