In and Around Kodai # day 2

We woke up to a beautiful morning with a bit of fog on the hills, Sun was heating the cold farm lands, the farmers were already out with their cattle and plough. At 8:30 sharp Reena was present at our door step with fresh baked bread and some fruits for our break fast. The bread was really yummy and I made scrambled eggs, cut the ripe papaya to go with it. We ate our tummy full and was ready to go out exploring.

Deciding to avoid the over crowded places, which happen to be the nearest areas of the town  we drove towards the Lake . It was a sudden trip so we really couldn’t short list what to do or where to drive. Padmini Aunt had already given the contact number for cab ( which we didn’t need) and of trekking guide. Husband decided to call him and ask for a guide to show us around.Strolled around the lake watching people cycling, boating and horse riding for sometime and by that time our guide Karthi called and we started to drive on the outskirts of Kodaikanal.

Pine forests are one of the main attractions at Kodai. Driving amidst it was a fun drive. We were going up and down. Spotted a giant squirrel too. He was pretty ok with us, like he is used to humans and vehicles. Not disturbing him further, rode towards the wild life area Manavanoor. We were sure of not spotting any animals as summer hit hard on those areas (it is said you could find wild animals on the lake shore). The lake was pretty empty. The grass and trees were brown. There was one small canteen and I had a glass of coffee to refresh. Then a hut painted green caught my eye, after making a closer look and reading the board I realized the hut was made of waste plastic bottles. There was nothing else to watch,reached there at the wrong time.

On our way back Karthik took us to a sheep and rabbit farm, managed by the Government. Woolen shawls were there for sale. And the rabbits also were special one called giant rabbits. They were cute and giant, some posed for me, some turned their heads. There was none to explain why the Government took such an initiative in breeding them. It was noon by then, our guide took me to a small hotel in the village. To be frank I was a bit hesitant, but it was neat and clean they also served fresh and hot lunch.

Our guide asked us to visit the famous Kodaikanal  attractions despite we told him we have no interest. He was a jolly good fellow always smiling, joking and taking good care of his guests. He asked us to just paying a small visit to the pillar rocks, Guna cave and Green valley view point won’t hurt as these are pretty nice spots. He was right too, I didn’t want to visit Guna cave as I read somewhere there was nothing to watch. Well, each and everyone’s interests are different right? That guy might not have liked that place. But I loved, Tree roots have made a web at that place,also it was a wonderful view point . Guna is a Tamil movie and they shot at a cave there,which inaccessible now. I was wondering how the crew have entered the cave as the entrance is too narrow, one can’t even properly stand. Then we watched the pillar rock,obviously the rocks look like two pillars. Then to the green valley view point (suicide point; nobody is suicidal now I guess, that’s why they changed the name) through the buzzing crowd.

Padmini Aunt had invited us for a soup and we reached our cottage by 6 in the evening. And I’m glad that we reached at that time because the dusk I viewed  from there was heavenly. Reena also joined us and we all had such a wonderful talk, about Aunt’s school, Culture, Language and almost everything. After 3 hrs of non stop talk we came back to our cottage had our dinner which we parceled from Astoria and soon drowsed.

Aunt’s home
Stunning eve?

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