A Western Ghat Drive # Day 1

It was getting real hot at our home town. Husband and me were hot in and out as well. We were pretty busy with something or the other in the past two months. It oozed all the energy form us. Husband did get some kind of re boost but I was literally down to zero. Each and everything around started irking me to the core. seeing me becoming all cranky and an angry bird, husband decided to take me to two beautiful places, which he was sure of me will be recharged. Kodaikanal and Munnar.

spot me 🙂

Our ride was through the Western Ghats, and that’s what I needed a drive through the lush green forests, mountains( drought was hitting there as well) to a much cooler place than our home town. It might not be as cool as the wintry or snowy countries but when you are driving from 37 Degree Celsius to a 17 or 18 Degree C, it does really make a difference.On our way to Palani /Kodaikanal we found wind mills and made a pit stop. It also made me realize I am just a dot in this world, still I am here even as a dot. Trying fit in somewhere at end of a line.

We started a Friday morning by 6:30. After a quick break fast I was standing in queue for the Palani deity Darshan. The deity of the temple is Muruga son of Lord Shiva.He is the commander of the army of gods. We expected a huge crowd as it was ‘ Shiva rathri ‘(The night  Lord Shiva drank Snake venom while the Palazhi Churning happened (Hindu mythology)). But to Our surprise it was nearly crowd free.

Palani Temple

Pazhani temple is one of the most famous temple in South India. This temple belong to the 6th century. Situated above  a hill, devotees climb 693 steps to reach this temple. Now there is tram and a rope way. We went up in the tram and came down through a slope path near the steps. It was real hot by that time even in the morning We didn’t want to hurt our selves by climbing up and down bare footed, also it was time consuming. So went up in a tram direct up we were climbing 90 degree up and it took about 8 or 9 mins to reach the top. The view from the tram was decorative, but it was a huge task to turn my head and look back.

After spending half an hour at the top we came down, and one thing I found very interesting was that whole the area from the Parking lot to the temple, was clean. I haven’t visited the temple in long time, but when I came last it was very dirty all the way except the temple. We were again inside our vehicle and started driving towards our destination Kodaikanal. We used the Dindigul road and drove through the Tamilian villages which was very nice and refreshing. There they are not making any fuss, just taking care of their belongings like their farms and animals. After a while we entered the Palani ghat road, and we were passing through the wilderness. The road was pretty small but was in good condition. Felt like there is not that much rush to Kodai like We felt in Ooty. Even my vehicle was enjoying this drive, he didn’t make any irritating sound or growled. There were some work in progress while we were reaching near Kodai and there has been a road block which took some of our time. I won’t say valuable because we were entertained by monkeys during that halt.

By noon we reached Kodai town hungry. Thanks to myself for being a foodie, I had already looked for restaurants and had lunch from Astoria hotel. The food was delicious and the staffs were good as well. If you are going to Kodaikanal try to eat at least once from Astoria. Its pretty near to the Kodai lake. Reena called us by that time and guided us to our new home for two days. It was further inward and away (only 6-7 km) from the town and was on a hill side. Reena was our care taker 👧☺. Padmini Aunt run that place, she also running a school beautifully. our cottage was a stunning one with lots of flowers around and with glass panes. Aunt was there to welcome us with a glass of fresh tomato (her own garden fresh)juice :-D, such a sweet lady😍. After dumping our bags we walked around our cottage and then slept for some time. It started to become cold by evening. Wearing our jackets we went out for dinner at Astoria and came back freezing ( told you it does make  difference to us). We had a heater there .Aunt provided us almost everything Like induction cooker, gas stove, Oven, Water heater etc. With our tummy full and enjoying a new climate we tucked into our blanket.

Our Cottage

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