What are we becoming into ?

Do you read News paper ? I used to, but these days I don’t, not even watching news channels any more. Why ? guess we all know the answer. Is there anything that’s worth reading and watching? Really I’m fed up with all these rape, murder, scam, don’t know what else. Each morning I used to search for something that’s good that make you feel okay rather than frightened . But on the front page it never happens.

Never found anything that’s worth discussing in these so called channels either. Why are we that much pathetically desperate to watch molestation, rape,murder theft and all?Guess our freedom to express are turning into forceful feeding into each other’s mouth. Like recently a film director has been harassed for planning to make a movie?/ Another film which a political party didn’t allow to release ?Why some poets are unnecessarily targeted? for what? even the entertainment medium can’t be spared? Why are we politicizing everything? Its like we have to make a statement on everything. Do we have to ?

A few months back there were news of women who want to forcefully enter into a temple where obviously women are not allowed. What I find really funny was, there were Facebook posts on how this will bring equality. Excuse me?? Entering a temple will bring equality ??? Come on ladies..if you are a believer in God, he is pretty much okay with men and women, not really a gender oriented person in giving blessings. And if you are a non believer why are you even bothering getting into such places? Fight for equality on roads, work, first at home. Fight for a safe journey alone. Fight for respect.

People are trolling news channels saying its better than cartoon network. Don’t you think that’s true? All those news, discussions all for what? nothing!!! Dragging everything and everyone into breaking news. If there was an accident breaking news, A famous personality died breaking news, A tiger has been saved breaking news. Is there anything that’s not a breaking news? You do break politics, entertainment, history, culture everything, but I won’t say in a good manner. Its our right to question everything, but just don’t ask only for the sake of asking. Denzel Washington once said ” if you don’t read the news paper you are uninformed, if you do read it you are misinformed”. I would rather be uninformed than misinformed.

 I’m not a follower of any political party.Not judging any news channels, not even mocking the feminists. These are my genuine concerns and views, which I thought to share through my write ups.


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