Morning Roll

” Hey, what’s for breakfast ? “…just like the alarm, this question irritates me to the core. Every day we have to make something to eat just for the sake of surviving, tasty – not tasty who cares? ( sadly I do ). Normally it goes thus – Dosha for break fast, Rice, curries, pickles ,salads for lunch, Something fried/baked/steamed to go with Coffee, and Chapathy/ Dosha/ Idli and curry for Dinner.

Recently I’ve decided to reduce my rice/ rice product intake. Then the obvious question came up from my self ” what to make for breakfast ? “.And breakfast roll idea was born. Its easy, healthy with a little or no oil, egg less mayo, veggies (lots), salt pepper and oregano + chapathy (Wheat flat bread). And obviously it tastes really good.

Make flat bread with wheat powder, you can add cumin seeds for taste, if don’t like using plain bread. Then heat 1/4 th tsp sun flower oil in a pan add, onions, carrot, cabbage, potatoes, raw papaya and whatever veggies you like and cover with a lid.Let the veggies cook in the steam for about 4 min then add pepper, salt and lid it for further 4 mins. Remove the lid add the oregano and one tbsp full of egg less mayo and mix it well. Fill this mix in chapathy and roll it. Your breakfast or an evening snack is ready to serve.



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