Trip or Treat? #1 – Trips

2016 went almost well for us. Though we lost some of our dearest family members, we welcomed new lives too, especially a teeny tiny one at our home.Yeah I am an aunt now :-). Let’s just say she kind of completes me. Its so nice to hold her and talk brr krip kurrr, the language only she understands ;-). So last day I was showing my little one some pics ,I ran into some old photos  mostly 4 or 5  years old, of our short trips and things I’ve cooked for cousins. It made me think what do I like most? trips or treats? …That would be one of the difficult question ever crossed my mind. mmm….like every foodies I live to eat ( with self controlled eating , at least that’s what I think), travelling releases me free and helps me to be my self. Well.. let’s just say trips and treats are the sides of my life coin.

These are some of the near by trips which I had forgotten to post. Treats are gonna be my next blog.Hope you all will like it.


This is the most famous attraction of Palakkad. Built in 1950 s, it is the combination of both masonry and earthen dam. A beautiful garden is constructed and maintained neatly in front the dam.  You have no idea how many times we had been there. If any guest comes home they wanna go to Malampuzha and we start our vehicle, think I can drive blind folded to the reservoir. There is a maze garden, The Yakshi garden, a rope way, an aquarium,  a snake park etc for your time pass.

We usually used to enter inside and walk here and there in the garden . But now we’ve found another picnic spot so whenever we plan Malampuzha, we go around the reservoir play for sometime in the water, view the entire dam and garden from a viewpoint and comeback. Inside of the park is always crowded, thanks to my husband for finding this circling.


Parambikulam belongs to the silent valley National Park of the Western Ghats. It is famous for the Kannimara ( virgin tree) Teak the largest teak, and the wild life in it. Parambikulam is basically a tiger reserve and people really do find tigers in there ( I’ve heard there are tiger reserves without a tiger in it ). There is a jungle safari for you which take you to the Kannimara Teak, Parambikulam dam and roam inside the jungle. There are day and night packages which include rafting, bird watching, trekking etc at a reasonable price. You’ll need special permission for night stay.


I love the journey, experience, the mood ,ambiance than the destination. Guess those who ever went on a road trip with our dearest or on lone travels would agree with me. That’s why I love going to Nelliympathy. The roads, the dam view, the water falls ,the cool breeze, the fog it fills our mind before we reach to the top. These mesmerizing beauties are to be experienced  can not feel in a pic or in writings. For those who plan to visit Kerala please do make time for this place in your list. Dec/Jan and June/ August are the apt time to be here.


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