A Steamy Breakfast

I believe We all Malayalis or almost every South Indian home starts our day making Idli / Dosha for breakfast. At home it goes in a 50-50 ratio. Father in law and I love dosha, husband and Mother in law love Idli. FIL also okay with Idli but I hate it. Even when we make Idli for breakfast I do make dosha. But to tell you the truth Idli is one super steamy and healthy breakfast. You could give it to an infant, old (those who don’t have teeth), someone who is sick. Only thing to do is buy the batter for idli add some salt pour the mixture into the Idli maker and steam for about 7 mins and you are done. Make coconut chutney with spicy green chillies to go with it or make an onion sambar. Really its good and tasty except for me.


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