Experiment #2- Excellent

Evening coffee and snacks are always messy here at home, I like something spicy and crunchy, husband like something sweet ( he always want something sweet after lunch too), In laws like well ….it kind of in between me and my husband’s choice. Father in law always want two things in handy something called Ootty Burkey  ( a puff like thing with a little sweetness) and Rice Murukk (fried rice batter curls).

Last week we had some guests at home and they reached around tea time and we were literally out of snacks or anything to serve. All I had in my fridge was some unsalted butter. Thanks to my cook book and my memory to make something quick and easy with just three ingredients,All purpose flour 6 Oz, butter 4 Oz and sugar 2 Oz. And its Shortbread, which turned out beautifully and won me some fans.

Preheat oven at 150 degree C which is 300 F, I guess. Mix all the three ingredients and make a hard dough, press it into a tart tin prick the dough here and there with a fork,trim the edges to remove the excess dough and bake for about 40 min ,until the bread is firm and slightly golden. Once done sprinkle some icing sugar and serve with coffee.

Tip : you can use chocolate chips or dry fruits and nuts in the dough or press them on the shortbread surface before baking.


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