A workshop from school

I never finished any crafts given me when in school. Was always running behind dance,music and recitations. So it was kind of routine to bunk my crafts periods, thanks to my school friends who were there to finish my works. Embroidery , knitting, and only my teacher knows what she was tutoring all those six years. But something I remember which was/ is very beautiful. And I’ve decided to make it that last day and finished it within 3 hrs (that too after going here and there for nothing). All you need is a plastic bottle with thin neck area and thick body ( a soft plastic bottle), Green and Orange mat tape or fish tape, some  sequence and lots of steel pins.


All you have to do is ,cut the orange tape into 2 inch pieces fold it like the pic I’ve given below insert a sequin into the pin and use it on the tape and push it to the bottle. continue this process around the bottle till it reach just above the bottom then cut the green tape like you did the orange then fold it and pin it horizontally. Lastly cut the green tape long and shape one edge then fix, pin or glue it on the cap area of the bottle and your Pineapple is done.



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