Golden Idukki

Idukki is the land of dams.When you enter this district you are surrounded by the bluish tipped mountains with a welcoming cool breeze. This mountain clad district of Kerala is famous for its reservoirs, hill stations, wild life sanctuaries almost everything a traveler would love to explore. The most beautiful part is, it still maintains a serene and friendly atmosphere and not that crowded or dirty like other main tourist attractions which I have seen. (Some of the most famous here are ugly with garbage and carefree neat less crowd though). Some places where we visit are beautiful but inside we feel that place is like a heroine with make up and all. And some we know is natural born and not the plastic surgeried  type. Idukki has not started to be posh and only for tourists kind of area. The people in here are so cool, most with farms, coffee and cardamom estates. You could still sip a hot coffee from the old local coffee/tea shops eating the freshly fried snacks like parippvada, baji, mulak vada, ullivada and so many.

Our trip was also a money saving one. we never really booked a room ,stayed at my father’s  place prior to our journey. Started after break fast (# room rent + restaurant money saved..even a lil bit). Drove directly to the Moolamattom Power house ,from where the majority of electricity is produced for our Kerala State. Security is pretty tight there so we couldn’t enter the 1 Km tunnel or see the electricity production. Though it was a bit scary to look down to the tunnel. Then we moved to the main attraction the famous Idukki dam. This is  one big reservoir with stunning views, epic stories and constructive genius.

Idukki dam

Before telling you about Idukki arch dam let me take you Idukki’s connection to to the  very first world war ( Mahabharatha battle) . Well what hppened actually at Idukki was , when the Pandavas had spend 12 years away from the Kingdom 11 years as Sanyasis (saints) and 1 year in disguise, they passed through here too. While they were bathing in a river ,some fish fin, its skin and oil flowed down and touched them(they were supposed not to eat,touch or do anything with fish or meat i guess)  and made the Pandavas angry. Above them were a couple (they are called Kuravan and Kurathy) maybe the natives of that area. Pandavas cursed and turned them into two huge moutains. Now, Idukki dam is built  between these kuravan and Kurathy mountains. should we thank the pandavas for that ? for helping so many farmers, native malayalis and whole keralites. Myth or not these two beauties are so magical and are a feast to the eyes. Well, actually they were the ones who helped the authorities to find the apt place for the dam ( or so it says). I’m a fantasy liking person ,I like to go with the Mahabharatha story 🙂 .

This one huge arch dam built between two huge mountains consist of three dams namely Kulamav, Cheruthoni and Idukki. It also have tight guarded security and camera,mobile phones nothing is allowed when you walk in. Entry fee is 60 Indian rupees and if you have time and don’t mind walking you could walk the whole 6 km to and fro. If you are in a hurry there is this electric vehicle to carry you and you could get decent view of these mesmerizing beauty. Husband, cousin and I reached there by noon and our beloved star was shining pretty fiercely above us.  We had to reach our main destination before sun set and we spent only 1 1/2 hr at the reservoir. And chose to use the electric vehicle for sight seeing.


Our electric vehicle driver asked us to hurry to next destination only to have a spectacular view of this panoramic site. We had a quick lunch from a restaurant which looked just below the Dam, and we drove through mountain sides to our next stop, Ramakkal medu. It is also famous for its view points, there are three such points..two standing opposite to each other and one around 5 km away. Its always windy at ramakkal medu, studies has shown that wind blows at 35 km/h throughout the year. This place give you panoramic view of both Kerala and Tamil nadu states.  RAMAKAL MEDU- means” LAND WHERE RAMA KEPT HIS LEG “- epic says that he kept his leg on stone to look for his wife seetha/ ravana who abducted her. There is also a monument for the kuravan and kurathi. A big statue of them which was placed in 2005. Other than its scenic beauty Ramakkal medu has potential produce wind energy. Some private firms has started producing and distributing it to Kerala State Electricity Board.

While we were climbing uppitty uppitty up… many students were hanging around, which reminded us of our college days. We saw them being so careless or foolish.They were showing off how daring they were,by going to the edge or climbing up or down without any support or safety. Husband and I discussed how we used to enjoy school/college trips. But we were not that careless I guess ..who knows have to ask our elders or teachers how good/ bad we were !!!!! Still it won’t hurt to enjoy everything with control and care right?? Nevertheless our slippery hiking was pretty tiresome though it was a small one..and cool breeze took away all our weariness after reaching the top. We sat there enjoying the farm lands, fog covered mountains, kids and monkeys playing around us, cousin taking pics of us and his selfies. We had a little more climbing to reach the top but as I said it was way too crowded with students. 2 hrs gone pretty fast and it was time to descend. Someone also mentioned that its not safe to stay for long because panther do cross these paths. We went for the enjoyment of ourselves not for panther’s right?? and we hurried down to our vehicle. Husband still had to drive around 80 kms to get to our roof, and we reached at my Uncle’s place and tucked in our blankets for a painful (my legs were swollen , forgot to take my shoes) sleep ( # money saving 2- no room rent).


Sun was up and shining by the time we were awake..My Aunt made us coffee and break fast. We asked them to join us but they said you enjoy ,they were lazy enough to travel ( guess now I know from where I have the lazy gene,obviously not for cooking and travelling but generally). From there we went to the famous Wagamon. The only good thing I found was the ILLIKKAL KALLU which was on our way to Wagamon , thanks to my cousin for forcing us to go there.It was a also a view point with too many hair pin bend roads and the usual Cardamom and coffee plantations. A movie shooting was taking place when we ended UP. It was also pretty slippery hike because of my ballerinas. And Police warned us not to go beyond a further point. A warning board was also hanged at the top about people who have been careless. Spending an hour or so we headed to Wagamon. Cousin and us stopped only at 2 place, one at the pine forest ( waste forest to be exact).Next at the Mottakkunnu ( green barren hills). Pine forest is typical tourist attraction with its artificial face of shops, food and crowd. We found a small clean spot and sat there for sometime and hurried to Mottakkunn. These barren green hills are pretty amazing to watch and people are taking or are asked to keep it clean. Husband, Cousin and Me enjoyed spending time there. As there were many hills we could walk, sit or sleep without much chaos. people were shattered on each hills so it didn’t feel crowded. Cool breeze and fog started to form by the time we started coming down from Wagamon. Husband continuously drove till my father’s place and like everybody else we felt extra tired after a trip and slept all night with some beauty spots on our mind

where to next ????????


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