Welcome Honey; Ba Bye Sugar

Losing weight is a Himalayan task for me. Its like we have planned checked and booked our destination but only in papers. When people start saying ” oh you’ve gained weight ” it irks me a lot. Then the sleepy cat in me turns into a lioness and I am ready to start exercise and follow a diet plan in full fieriness. But that fieriness puffs after a month or so and again I am the sleepy cat. Why can’t I continue a normal routine. of course there are so many reasons/ excuses ; sleeping late, don’t have a companion to run or do yoga, taking medicines, always tired after work etc etc… ( I really do come up with all these whenever husband push me) Ultimately I am lazy.

Last night again checked weight and  obviously- gained. Now I am lioness full of determination to fight. Can’t cut down my daily routine or food habit just like that. I have come up with a plan which works for me( hope ). Starting everything slowly is never my nature but when it comes to workout I am a tortoise, also read somewhere that starting workout vigorously also gonna make us down. Now thinking of moving my plan at a moderate speed. And my plan goes thus

  1. wake up when the alarm rings ( never stop it n sleep)
  2. Continue doing yoga ( everything, not one posture a day)
  3. Run
  4. Say good bye to Sugar and Salt
  5. Maintain a proper diet.
  6. Learn to make smoothies
  7. Cut carbohydrate ( Normally there is a lot of carb  in my daily food )
  8. Make ,Bake – never eat
  9. Add fruits in your diet ( never liked any)
  10. Don’t be insomniac ( in short; sleep well)

As a coffee addict can’t cut that. But stopped adding sugar. also stopped adding extra salt in my servings.

what’s your plan on health and fitness…???

do comment your diet plans and share healthy recipes please.


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