Experiment No # 1 – Good

Today my pantry was empty. Many of my boxes were wiped clean making breakfast and lunch . Had some rice and rice flour left to make something for dinner. Literally I was out of everything and my Sev  stopped working. So my option to make Idiyappam was kicked out from my list. Then me decided to experiment something with the rice flour. Made Pathiri and surprisingly it turned out good. And to go with it made green gram and soy granules curry with some roasted peanuts. Turns out I can make something healthy too ( which is tasty).

Pathiri is a famous and a daily maker ( I suppose) in Muslim kitchens  here in Malabar. They make it with such ease that it so cool to watch them. Mostly non- veg curries like chicken or lamb tastes great with it, egg curries will also do. There are many varieties of pathiri and different curry combinations. So far chicken and lamb curry are best ( so I’ve heard, never tried ). Well making it is a hard process, because kneading the dough is the core. If you are good at kneading then you’ll get a nice Pathiri.

  • To make Pathiri, boil some water add some salt to it. Once the water starts boiling add the rice flour and mix well. Lower the flame and cover the pan with a lid for a minute. Then pour the flour into a flat surface and start kneading ( be careful when you knead, as the mixture will be super hot ). The faster you knead the smother the dough will become. If its not the dough tend to break when you start rolling.
  • After kneading split the dough in two and cut small portions and roll those into a ball. Then start rolling that into circular shapes, try to make maximum thin. Add enough flour so that the balls don’t become sticky on the surface. If you can roll and make Pathiri at the same time ,its better. Once the dough becomes cold it will start to break and you won’t get a fine pathiri.  Heat the pan make the pathiri flipping each side, when it start to have bubbles.
  • Making the curry is so simple. Pressure cook the green gram and soy granules with some turmeric powder and salt. Then in frying pan add some olive oil and throw in some onions and garlic. Let them turn brown and then add some roasted peanut following the red chilly powder and any masala powder you have in your hand. Wait till the raw smell fades and add in the chopped tomatoes. Stir for 5 minute and mix the green gram. Let it boil and in-cooperate together. Add some curry leaves too and you are done.

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