Holding our parents Dear

These days I worry a lot. Mostly about my parents as both of them are not in a healthy condition and living alone. Though we are pretty near to them when compared to where my brother lives, it still takes a 3 hour ride from our place. Last month I did get a chance to serve my aunt who was battling with cancer, was with her for 12-14 days. Don’t know why  but felt like its my duty to be with her. We prayed and hoped for her recovery but that didn’t happen. At the same night we buried her, my dad collapsed. That hit me like I don’t know how to explain that feeling. Well it shook me all over and made me think about how I was behaving and how I should from now on.

We all love our parents. But ever it occurred to you that they are still looking for you to come home and never tells you ??  Asks you why didn’t you call ? and when you say you were busy; becomes silent? IT hurts the most when you realize they are not immortals. Deep inside we have this feeling that they are gonna be around you all your life. I am very short tempered and my fights with my mother is like a bomb explosion. These days I am very careful  because I don’t wanna hurt them knowingly anymore. Unknowingly/ knowingly I’ve hurt my parents, tortured, given immense pain which I realize now. They’ve forgiven me only because they are my parents. Every parents forgive their child no matter how much pain you’ve caused them. Only parents can do that.

Wasn’t I taking care of them ?? yes I was , but now there’s a change in me. Recently saw a daddy- daughter movie in which the dad asks ” we never left you thinking about  our work when you were a kid ? why should you leave me ? ” true right??? We have a job, a family but that doesn’t allow us to turn off our duties and love towards our parents ,correct? Dad only hit me once, never ever scolded me,  that was mom’s duty. He cried silently when I cried , got hurt when I was silent. Worried when I didn call. I love my parents more now , there is a movie song in Malayalam on how much I love my dad. Its very hard to translate it in English, though I will share the link

Love your parents, make time for them ..that’s the best gift you could ever give your parent. And that’s the only thing they need and expect. This is for all the loving parents in the whole wide world. Parents started loving you before you were born, made you a good human being so that others like you, love you and befriend you now. They are the reason who you are. Love you more n more now dad…




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