A Snack to remember

Its been a while since I’ve written and posted here. Though I used to read many of my fellow writer’s recipes and other notes couldn’t like, comment or reply to anyone. Was really busy taking care of Aunt for three weeks and we lost her two weeks ago. Then my dad collapsed and was busy taking care of him. Now that I am here on my messy table, the first recipe that comes to my mind is my Aunt’s evening snack.She always used to say I rarely make things, but somehow I used to land there when she made something special. So this is for you Ettamma ( that’s what we call our Aunt).

Vada is an all time favorite for us Malayalis. Either we make them or buy them, it is the king of evening snacks. There are many vadas – Paripp vada (Toor daal ), Uzhunn vada (Urad), Mulak vada (chilly), Ulli vada (onion). Now I am gonna write about my favorite Paripp vada. For this You’ll need

  • Toor daal ( split pigeon peas) – 2 cups
  • Shallots – 5 
  • Green chilly- 3 ( remove seeds if its too spicy)
  • Ginger – 1 inch piece
  • Curry leaves – a small bunch
  • salt to taste
  • oil – for deep frying

Toor daal cooks faster than any other lentils and we all stock these lentils to make sambar or other curries. Wash and soak the lentils for half an hour in luke warm water. After draining grind the lentils, shallots, ginger and green chillies roughly. Don’t make a paste as it won’t taste as good as the coarsely grounded daal mix. After grinding add enough salt and chopped curry leaves then make a circular disc of that mixture using your palm. Heat some sun flower oil and once the oil is hot deep fry the mixture till it turns reddish brown. 

When ettamma made these I used to eat 5-6 at a time. Still I am crazy for it. But if you guys are on diet make one or two vadas because its super delicious. Do try and lemme know. Hope you all gonna love it.

TIP : Some like to use coconut chutney with it. But Paripp vada does not need any other supporting flavors.

NP : will upload pics soon


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