Rain = Snacks

This year we had very less rain than usual. From the past two days we were getting light showers. And today we had somewhat a heavy rain and it was a bit cold outside. I could see the birds flying and getting drenched in rain, I wanted to do the same but alas !!!! (I am down with cough and cold). When its cold inside and out you start to have cravings. Something to bite on, me and my dad think alike when it comes to food. While I was thinking about making something , he had already started. One of the best snack to eat on a rainy day. Its called ‘ pazham pori ( deep fried banana ).

And you need

  1.  Ripe banana =  3-4
  2. All purpose flour = 2 cups
  3. Oil = enough to deep fry
  4. Cumin seeds = 2 teaspoon (optional)

In a frying pan heat the oil enough to deep fry. Cut the banana vertically into 2-3 inch thin slices. Mix the all purpose flour with some water and make a thick paste ( not too thick  should be of runny ). when the oil is super hot dip the slices into the flour paste and deep fry till it becomes golden brown. Adding the cumin seeds will enhance the flavor. The coating will be crisp and inside will be moist and gooey. Have a cup of black coffee with it and enjoy the rain !!!!


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