Leftover Delight

We celebrated Onam yesterday. I didn’t do anything other than making dinner with leftovers. My dad ( father in law) is an excellent cook, he makes the traditional Kerala cuisines very flavor fully and with ease.  Usually I am his sous- chef  when it comes to traditional feast. But I can manage my own now. Well this time he prepared everything so fast that by the time I came down half of the dishes were done. We had a delicious sadya for lunch . So there was no question about whats for dinner ? It was obvious, something with leftovers.

So I followed a recipe, which one of my grand uncle used to prepare for us after a feast. He used to re heat whatever left and mix all the dishes together with rice and made huge rice balls for us. We kids ate it like…words can’t explain how all those flavors exploded in our mouth. Now now…. this is very easy because all you have to do is mix well. I have carefully picked the mixing ingredients  a small portion of Olan ( the neutral dish in sadya made of cucumber ), a bit of Moru Kottan( buttermilk gravy with yam and banana), Kadu manga ( mango pickle with raw mustard ), Banana chips and pappadam. All these give out different flavors like tangy, spicy ,salty and sweet. ( I am writing how to make a traditional kerala feast, but it’ll take some time ).


All I had to do was to add the  chips and olan first in a big pan then add the re boiled rice following the Koottan, kadumanga and pappadam. Mixed it well and a mouth watery tempting and no side dishes needed dinner was ready.


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