We had a family get together recently. Almost every member of my family, where I am married to were present. It was my dad’s birthday. Normally he doesn’t approve of celebrating his birthday, but this time he asked us to invite everyone. We had fun filled two days. Elders, youngsters, Kids, Couples we all had a good time. There were some who couldn’t attend this in person but they were in contact through phone, Skype etc. Well what made me write about this get together? We’ve met before, attended functions together, then why now?

We are not children anymore. We have children, so the connection between family members, cousins are not the same as it used to be. Our priorities have changed. In our child hood our brothers, sisters, cousins meant the world to us. Slowly (feels like real fast) we grew up, went abroad, got married and moved on with our other priorities and responsibilities. Leaving old memories behind.

Now, thanks to whatsapp that this family started a group. Almost 95% of our cousins joined and started chatting. And the lost glow of our child hood came back. Everyone started teasing, joking, fighting like old days. Then we decided to have a get together and we did. But we didn’t include elders at that time ( who can bear our non stopping chats, songs and dance?) That get together and whatsapp helped to strengthen the nearly rusted bond between us.

This time we included our elders ( guess my dad got jealous of us and decided to call his cousins). All were excited to be here. We had some fun filled programs like singing (had to take a chit and sing the written genre) dancing,  musical chairs (for elders and kids). Fun games and definitely great food like variety dosas (told you before), coconut flavored seva, traditional kerala sadya ( feast) and some crunchy spicy and sweet snacks. Though we were a bit anxious about how the elders gonna react about games, they all participated without hesitation. 48 hrs went like supersonic jet. By next day eve it was time for us to say ‘ good bye.. see you next time’. But we returned to get back together ASAP. Planning another one soon.

Just like a quote about family which says

‘No family is perfect. We argue, we fight. We even stop talking to each other at times, but in the end family is family…the love will always be there’.

Yes the love will always be there. Blessed to have a wonderful loving lively family like this.


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