The famous Dosa

Everybody loves pancakes ( right?).  We South Indians also have our version of pancakes called Dosa. But Without eggs, milk, Sugar or Syrups. Ours is a fermented batter ( now yeast is not added for fermenting) version accompanied with chutneys, Sambar or other curry.  Dosa is included in our breakfast/ tea time / dinner list. You could make so many varieties of this pan cake. Masala dosa, ghee dosa, onion dosa, powder dosa, paper dosa are some in many 😃.

Dosa batter

Making of the Dosa batter is fairly simple. Really time consuming though. With three main ingredients you could make a fine batter. Raw rice, Parboiled rice and Black gram lentils. Soak these overnight  and grind it to a smooth paste add some salt and keep it aside for at least 8 hrs , once it is fermented brush some oil in a pan ( here we have a special iron pan called Dosa kallu ( stone) especially for Dosas) , pour a ladle of the batter. Spread the Dosa batter in a circular way. Make it thin or thick according to your convenience. Flip it over after a minute or so and remove from the pan. Its  always great to eat a hot Dosa. You can always refrigerate the batter for 3-4 days.

Our Iron Dosa pan


sharing the measurement for the batter, this will serve 4-6

Raw rice or Regular rice –  2 cups

Par boiled rice –  2 cups 

Black gram lentils – 1 cup ( make sure you buy the peeled ones)

Salt – to taste

Fenugreek seed – 5-6 seeds ( optional)

note : if you can’t get par boiled rice its fine. Take 4 cups of raw rice and add a ladle of cooked rice in it and grind. Works fine.

Coconut chutney

If you don’t have time to make any curry or Sambar. Coconut chutney will do .Coconut chutney taste best  with Dosa ( or the other way around ?). Grate a coconut and grind it with a shallot , green chilly, ginger and curry leaves. Pop some mustard seeds and a red chilly in some oil mix it well. Add some salt and water  and your chutney is done.





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