Masinagudy Days

Masinagudy has an enchanting power over travellers. It leaves something magical in our minds which urges us to comeback. In our group visit we saw the wilderness of this place by having a chilling night safari. Everyone in our group had an adrenaline rush throughout that trip. But we couldn’t enjoy for long that time. So enjoying Masinagudi in its full form was our main agenda this time. Instead of  running from place to place and taking photographs we decided to enjoy this place with our own eyes. We did take some pics though.

This small village comes within the range of Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary. Ootty and Gudalloor are the nearest towns. If you are tired after the busy-buzzy ootty sites (if you wanna enjoy ootty in full.. do travel to the remote areas) and need some calm and serene area to relax, this is the place for you. We took the Nadukani Ghat Road to reach there, and it was a splendid journey. You can reach Ootty via Attappadi route too and come down to Masinagudy later. ( I am talking about the route from Palakkad, Kerala). The attappadi route is a bit risky, but ok when you are driving in the day time. After Gudalloor  we entered the Mudimalai forest area and we had a jolly good ride and were awestruck watching Elephants, Bison, Wild boars, Deer and some beautiful birds till we reach Masinagudi.

Our stay was at a farmhouse run by Mr & Mrs Otter. Both of them are very much active in animal welfare programs and have rescued many animals from their sufferings. They are doing a plausible work across India. The farmhouse is really like something you see in cartoon and wish you too had something like that. This place has ponies, horses, cows, goats, donkeys and so many dogs. Kids would really love this place (only go there if you are an animal lover..dogs are real friendly but they follow you everywhere and want you to pamper them).

Rosy did take good care of us

This farmhouse provide some breathtaking view of the mountains and some vast plains. Nights are cold and misty and above all noise free. If you are lucky enough you could spot panther, elephants and other wild animals just across your fence. We spotted some Sambar deer and Rabbits.

Masinagudy gives you a lot of surprises..when we took a jeep drive through the forest a panther crossed our way.  One thing is sure that the people and the animals live in a harmony there. Nobody is disturbing the balance and that was really nice to experience. We got to see some baby elephants and deer very near. Usually deer do hide in bushes once they see someone

Mommy and Baby playing in the water

but these guys were pretty much occupied eating their lunch ..they didn’t mind us taking some pics and watching them for more than 15 mins. Even the baby elephants seemed playful.

At Masinagudi there are jeep rides which take you much further into the forest. That’s really an outstanding experience (don’t know whether they are legal or not). Just don’t forget that the animals in the jungle are real fun to watch but they are WILD. Follow your instructions carefully  and don’t try to be friendly with them. Both theirs and ours life are precious. Even when you finish trekking, night safari, going to Ootty through the 32 hair pin bend never get tired of this place. Each time on our way back home we discuss when to return Masinagudi is waiting with more surprises.



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