Becoming the next Big Baker


I love cooking. Love to experiment with whatever comes in handy for me. Seeing my cooking skills, a friend of mine gifted me a cook book, to learn cooking!!!. Well, he specifically asked me to learn the process of making “Apple strudel”. The reason he said wasn’t really digestive. Because the strudel was for beginners.

All these times I used to prepare only the native dishes. So making the strudel was actually a beginner’s game for me. I asked my husband to buy me a new oven. After loosing his sleep for a week over this, there was a brand new oven in my kitchen. He asked me to bake something simple at first and we bought an instant cake mix.

After mixing all the ingredients I poured down to mixture in to a bowl. Time set 30 minutes at 200 C. My joy had no limits when the mix started rising. But after  15 minutes there was this smell, like something burnt. Mother in law asked me to check the cake and I was like Oh! that’s not from the oven, you all relax. Still she pushed me and I went in to the kitchen. Th smell of burnt tyre grew stronger and i had to turn the oven off.

When I opened my oven ..the bowl, which was supposed to be oven proof turned to wax. And my cake was harder than a rock. You could injure someone with that cake. My husband took me in to a corner and said, if you ever ever try to be the next  great baker  again..I will throw you and your oven out, mind it.

My strudel dream is still a dream…don’t have the courage to make it real.



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